DFW Elite Estate Sales

Full Service Estate Sale

Box of Junk to be sorted

Our staff will sort, price, advertise, clean and stage items for the sale, conduct the sale and clean up – all with the goal of getting you top-dollar and selling out every item. We also provide all the displays and handle all the expenses. You pay nothing out-of-pocket.

Complete and Partial Liquidation

Estate Sale, Moving Sale, Junk Sale

Whether the reason for the sale is the death of a loved one, a divorce, job loss, or long-distance move, we can coordinate all the details. So you can focus on the big picture.

Property Liquidation

Moving Truck Charity

Following the sale, we will remove all displays and clean up. Also, we can recommend ways to dispose of any remaining items. For example, we can research area charities of particular interest to you. Many of these organizations will make arrangements for free pick up, which we can help coordinate.

Why DFW Elite Estate Sales?

No Upfront Costs!


From the first phone call until we return your key, along with a check for your successful sale you will understand why we call ourselves DFW Elite Estate Sales. 

You will receive elite customer service from our staff of courteous professionals.


Estate Sale: Who Does What?

What You Do

  • * Call Us
  • * Sign an Agreement
  • * Give us the Key
  • * Cash the Check

What We Do

  • * Sort
  • * Price
  • * Advertise
  • * Clean and stage items
  • * Conduct the sale
  • * Clean up
  • * Call Charity to Pick Up any Left-Over Items
  • * Tally Up the Profit and Mail You the Check

teacupYour Free Consultation

After you call or email us, we will schedule your free consultation. We will then meet with you and thoroughly assess your specific needs. The initial aim of this meeting is to determine if an estate sale is right for you; whether you need a complete or partial estate liquidation; the types of items you have in your estate to sell (antiques, collectibles, etc.) and other details. We will answer any of your questions and, if possible, (unless you are arranging the sale long distance, which is possible, also), we will look at the property where the sale will take place.

What We Need

During this meeting, we will also discuss our commission and read over the contract with you. Remember, you will have no up-front expenses. DFW Elite Estate Sales handles all advertising and other preparation expenses. We will outline everything that will happen before, during and after the sale so there will be no surprises. Once everyone agrees that a sale is appropriate, we will choose a date and sign a contact. Then we will need a key to the property and a copy of the liability insurance (included in the homeowners policy).


We are proud members of and fully insured by ACNA (ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES NATIONAL ASSOCIATION).


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